Chef – ERROR: EOFError: end of file reached

Recently when using opscode’s chef server and knife I was getting the error message:

ERROR: EOFError: end of file reached

When trying to execute commands like knife client list

I ended up finding out that the problem has to do with how the configuration for chef 11 has changed from chef 10.

In your knife.rb file there is a line that gives you the default address / address of your cloud server – you will even see the default if you are running the interactive knife configuration tool (knife configure -i):

Please enter the chef server URL: []

The big changes for chef 11 are two hard to spot things for the new chef server / knife access url:

  1. Port 4000 goes away
  2. The server now runs on HTTPS / SSL (which implies port 443)

Change this to use SSL / HTTPS and your ERROR: EOFError: end of file reached message will go away. I was getting that error when trying to access chef on port 5672 which is the port that RabbitMQ runs on.

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