Does Amazon ec2 have “Get System Log” for the command line (CLI) API?

Yes! I didn’t realize this at first. I was searching for API tool for getting system log and ec2 command line system log and I even looked at all the ec2 command looking for the word log – but there is a trick. If you want to be able to grab the data that you grab via the web interface at

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“get system log” command line

Then you need to use the following ec2 command:



ec2gcons ([ec2-get-console-output])



Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of ‘-‘ to indicate that values for that option should be read from stdin.


Display the instance’s console output. The INSTANCE parameter is the ID of the instance’s console to retrieve.


-r, --raw-console-output
Raw output. Do not escape the console output. If not specified ^ESC
is escaped and multiple blank-lines are folded into one.

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