PHP: Convert Ascii To Hex

PHP: Convert Ascii To HexWhen working in PHP there are times when I want to see what a string is in HEX – a lot of times there are invisible characters that or non-printing strings that can throw your program or script for a loop.

If you save the string to a text file, you can use a hex editor utility, like hexdump to take a look at the hex codes of the ASCII characters:

$ echo abcd > test.txt
$ hexdump test.txt 
0000000 61 62 63 64 0a

Now for the PHP version:

header('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');

$ascii = 'abcd';
$hex = unpack('H*',$ascii);

// you can print out the hex result of the ascii conversion:


#   Array
#   (
#       [1] => 61626364
#   )

// or for a nicer display you can add spaces between every two characters
// and wrap the column every 6 characters (change to fit your needs)

echo wordwrap(implode(' ', str_split($hex[1], 2)), 6);

#   61 62
#   63 64

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