HM-27 Nightlight

This is the HM27 Nightlight, made made in China. It is a great, low-light, white night light. It also comes in a polished silver / chrome decorative version.

HM-27 Nightlight

The nightlight was sold at WalMart stores during the year 2011 but is no longer carried, nor is it available online. This is unfortunate because it is a very good nightlight. See below for most similar night lights.

HM-27 Nightlight

China Patent No: 200930132069.X


E307003 UL Listed NIGHTLIGHT 33Z6 A385538D9

HM-27 Nightlight

The closets night lights I have found so far include:

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  1. Jay Bishop says:

    Argh… I have 3 of them, one chrome and 2 rubbed bronze and I badly need two more bronze ones, no other night light comes close to these because they have zero light spilling out, they are just like cinema theatre lights for patrons, all the light is directed down and you see where you are going but lose no night vision. How can such excellent, patented lights be off the market? Argh!!!

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