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Here’s how you install tidy (html-tidy) with homebrew and get the latest HTML5 version:

Tap Dupes

First make sure you tap the dupes repository:

brew tap homebrew/dupes

Next you just need to use:

brew install homebrew/dupes/tidy --HEAD

Then you are good to go!

If you have any problems you may want to try a few of these things:

Remove old / other versions:

brew remove tidy
brew cleanup tidy

Then re-run the install command

Check your path

If you run "tidy" and get an old version, try typing `which tidy`

If you see this you’re seeing the version that comes with Mac OS X:


You should instead be seeing something like:


You can check you version by doing:

tidy -v

This is wrong:

HTML Tidy for Mac OS X released on 31 October 2006 - Apple Inc. build 15.10

This is correct:

HTML Tidy for HTML5 (experimental) for Mac OS X https://github.com/w3c/tidy-html5/tree/c63cc39

If when you are running just tidy you are getting the older version you need to check that your path variable is set correctly to use the homebrew bin directory before using the system bin directory. See this question

Your path should be in some sort of orders similar to this:


You can also try and run /usr/local/bin/tidy -v to see if the newer version has been installed successfully.

Update Homebrew

You may also need to run brew update ( or even brew upgrade ) to get the latest versions of repositories that you need to run and build tidy

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