What do you do after Linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts?

Great! You’ve linked your AdWords and Analytics accounts. What’s next It may take up to 24 hours for your AdWords link to begin displaying data. Here’s what else you can do:

See Analytics engagement metrics in AdWords

Enable new columns in AdWords to display important Analytics metrics–like Bounce Rate and Avg. Visit Duration –right alongside your standard AdWords performance data. This post-click insight gives you another view of the effectiveness of your campaigns and ad groups, which can help you make decisions about budgets, bids, landing pages, and ad copy.

Create a Remarketing list in Analytics

Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you follow up with people who have already visited your website, and deliver ad content specifically targeted to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. Take advantage of Analytics data to identify those interests (e.g., which product pages they visited) and build lists focused on those users.

Import Goals and Ecommerce transactions into AdWords

You can can easily import your Analytics goals and Ecommerce transactions into AdWords, allowing you to make more informed refinements to your campaigns without ever leaving your AdWords account. If you’re using AdWords Conversion Optimizer to manage your bids, it will automatically start using Analytics goals and Ecommerce transactions once you’ve imported them into AdWords.

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