strange error flushing buffer – solved

When trying to use some LAME libraries like the WAV2SWF from swftools I started gettin this error:

strange error flushing buffer

The file was still generated but it did not work.

Here’s what I did to fix:

Installed the latest version of swftools

This was done on Ubuntu but you can probably do almost the same thing on Mac OS X. I tried using homebrew but was not able to get a new enough version of the software.

Make sure you have zlib

sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev


brew install zlib

Next check the downloads page and get the latest version of the software, something like:

cd /tmp
wget ""
cd swftools-2013-04-09-1007

You can then install this if you want, but to test I just continued without installing:

cd src
./wav2swf ~/input.wav

this gave me another error:

Error: no mp3 soundstream support compiled in.

So to get around needing support for that you can just specify some additional parameter so it doesn’t have to detect them:

./wav2swf -d -s 44100 -o ~/test.swf ~/input.wav

And voila! it worked!

Additional parameters are:

Usage: wav2swf [-o filename] file.wav

-h , --help                    Print short help message and exit
-V , --version                 Print version info and exit
-o , --output <filename>       Explicitly specify output file. (Otherwise, output will go to output.swf)
-r , --framerate <fps>         Set file framerate to <fps> frames per second.
-s , --samplerate <sps>        Set samplerate to <sps> frames per second (default: 11025).
-d , --definesound             Generate a DefineSound tag instead of streaming sound.
-l , --loop n                  (Only used with -d)
-C , --cgi                     For use as CGI- prepend http header, write to stdout.
-S , --stop                    Stop the movie at frame 0
-E , --end                     Stop the movie at the end frame
-b , --bitrate <bps>           Set mp3 bitrate to <bps> (default: 32)
-v , --verbose                 Be more verbose

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