Hide “You can search from here with Google” in Chromium

If you’re running chrome in kiosk mode Google Chrome, or Chromium, or even if you are not using kiosk mode, you may have encountered the nuisance popup bubble telling you:

You can search from here with Google

According to a bug ticket you can create a master_preferences file “in the same directory as the chrome binary” and add this information to it:

    "distribution" : {
        "suppress_first_run_bubble": true

That did not work for me, however, I used a command line switch ( a.k.a. a “flag” ) to successfully disable this popup balloon from showing.

Just use:


When you are launching the Chrome / Chromium player.

That would look something like this on Linux:

./chrome --no-first-run

Or like this on Windows:

C:\path_to_chrome\chrome.exe --no-first-run

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