greasemonkey – google images relinker (v 2.0)

greasemonkey_google_imagesI really like the google image relinker script for greasemonkey, but sometimes when there’s a hotlink protection or something else funky, you just want the original google images link. i updated this greasemonkey image re-linker script so that it relinks the images, but also provides links to open the original link (both in a new tab, and in a new window)

Download the script:

google_image_relinker_v2_00.user.js.txt (rename to just .js)

google_image_relinker_v2_00.user.js (right click and save as)

Greasemonkey scripts can be used with chrome or firefox

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One Response to greasemonkey – google images relinker (v 2.0)

  1. Mateo says:

    OK, will give 5.0 a try, as 4 sucked aorcns it was so damn slow. I went to Chrome for better speed, but prefer the facial appearance and add-ons avail for . Maybe 5.0 will be more like the better ole days of .I use AVAST! AV and it is free and has worked well for me, so far. Others like AVG were too busy for my tastes but maybe I just didn’t set it up right or it was due to my using the mere freebie version.

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