Install Greasemonkey for Chrome – A Better Guide

1. Install a recent trunk build of Chromium – There are several new builds every day. Just grab the latest version, download to your preferred folder and extract.

  1. Launch chrome.exe with the --enable-user-scripts AND --user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts flags. You can create a shortcut to the new file and just copy/paste “--enable-user-scripts --user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts ” after the shortcut. Should look something like "C:\Program Files\chromium\chrome.exe" --enable-user-scripts --user-scripts-dir=c:\scripts

  2. Copy *.user.js files to the c:\scripts directory on your computer – has all the Greasemonkey extensions out there. Click Install, right click and “Save as…”, edit the file name so it’s not just “26062.user.js” (so you can differentiate them later) and save in the C:\scripts\ folder on your computer (you most likely have to create this folder).

  3. Script edits are picked up automatically; just refresh the page to see the changes – and you are done!

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