Roku 2 XS USB Video Formats

roku-2-xs-usb-video-formatsThe Roku 2 XS supports video, audio, and photo playback in the following formats:

  • Video: MKV using H.264, MP4/M4V/MOV using H.264 (and MPEG4), WMV/ASF using WMV9 or VC-1.
  • Audio: AAC, MP3, or Dolby Digital/DTS Passthru
  • Photos: JPEG & PNG

These have to be loaded using the USB port, as the Micro SD slot is only for additional storage. Of the Roku 2 series boxes only the Roku 2 XS supports media playback of your own external media.

Also please note that for “security reasons” you can’t move a microSD card from one Roku 2 player to another without re-formatting it.

Video Formats Roku 2 XS USB

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