Google is Down (June 2012)

All of Google Services happen to be running extremely slow today, or are not running at all. It is almost as if Google’s servers are overloaded. Why is this? One possibility is that today is also the date WordPress 3.4 was released. WordPress is the fastest growing CMS platform in the world. It is widely adopted, and in this point release they have switched all of their javascript libraries and resources over to using resources that are google hosted, for example jQuery:

Other libraries include similar scripts and frameworks such as jQuery UI and the corresponding css. It is notable that google provides both HTTP and HTTPS / SSL versions of these resources.

Google also recently released an updated algorithm to enhance search results, and they are also going to be phasing out Google Product Search in favor of a marketplace where they will make commission and rank products higher based on bids (using the Adwords admin interface). Perhaps those things are also slowing down this giant.

Do you have another idea about why google is going so slow today? Leave a comment below!

Google Is So Slow

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