Yamaha 4500 Generator – Won’t Start – Solved – Manual

Consumer: Have you ever rebuilt or repaired any Yamaha generators? Or maybe just a generator in general?

Yamaha Generator Advice: Our most common generator is the yamaha EF2000is generator, followed by the EF4500 iSE

Consumer: How do you like working on those models?

Yamaha Generator Advice: I convert a lot from gas to be able to run on gas, propane, or natural gas. Are you going to buy a generator?

Consumer: Ok. I got an old 4500 – Yamaha yf4500 – yf-4500 – I’m trying to get running at work that ran fine all summer. Gas is good, new spark plug that is sparking, but won’t pull start. All switches set to run/on. Any ideas what I should check tomorrow? The Internet was no help. And yes fuel valve is on and clear.

Yamaha Generator Advice: You should get some starting fluid for $5 at the auto parts store ( or Lowes or Walmart )

Consumer: Good idea.

Yamaha Generator Advice: Basically you open the air filter box and remove the air filter and spray a little squirt from the aerosol can in and pull the rope and it will fire right up if it doesn’t stay running after you do that then you’ve got a problem with the engine not getting fuel but most likely it will start fine.

Consumer: Ok. Thanks. It’s old as sin but it’s a tank, I’m sure it’s just got the winter blues.

Yamaha Generator Advice: Yeah I bet thats what it is. If for some reason it does not do anything, even when doing the starting fluid, it means you don’t have a spark. so it could be the coil, or a short in the safety switch / off switch or something – but that is a good generator.

Consumer: Ok. I got a new plug today and it sparked out of the cylinder so I think I’m good there.

Yamaha Generator Advice: ok then yeah it’s a fuel or carburetor issue – most likely will be fixed with a little starting fluid. i love that stuff.

Yamaha Generator Advice: yeah if you pass an auto zone or advance auto just get a can of starting fluid for a few bucks – should be near where the aerosols are like wd-40 and the fuel supplements and stuff

Yamaha Generator Advice: im impressed you already did all the basic checks, upkeep, testing spark, etc. you even had the right diagnosis with the winter blues (im guessing anyway)

Consumer: Yeah my mechanical knowledge has expanded, but it’s time that it runs again.

Yamaha Generator Advice: hopefully this will make you a forever fan of starting fluid as well

Consumer: If those ideas don’t work I may be contacting you again. I moved it inside for the night so everything is warm in the morning and making sure nothing is frozen in the lines I can’t find. I’d like to run it dry to get some fresh fuel in it for the winter riding months now. Thanks again.

Yamaha Generator Advice: no problem. since you said it has spark i’m sure it will crank when you spray a little starting fluid in the intake and pull the rope. you can even put a few squirts in there as it is starting to run to keep it running – it’s easier if you have someone pull the rope for you while you spray it in – but maybe wear some safety glasses or don’t put your face too close b/c sometimes they will backfire when doing that, but anyway as it is starting to run you can spray a few squirts in there to keep it going until the carburetor builds up pressure and pulls the fuel through the line so that it can run on its own. but you DONT want to spray starting fluid in there and run it that way for several minutes because the fluid burns hotter than gas and will score the pistons. now you know everything i do about starting fluid. Good luck.

Consumer: Thanks! I got virtually nothing back when I googled Yamaha 4500.

Yamaha Generator Advice: If you ever upgrade you should get the EF4500iSE.

Consumer: That’s great I’ve had my eye on that one too.

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