Nagios Passive Check Example

The data below that makes up a service definition and commands definition below should serve as an example of what a passive check definition may look like:

define service{

    service_description PassiveCheck

    check_freshness     1

    ; active checks are NOT enabled
    active_checks_enabled   0

    ; passive checks are enabled (this is how results are reported)
    passive_checks_enabled  1

    ; 26 hour threshold, since backups may not always finish at the same time
    freshness_threshold 93600

    ; this command is run only if the service results are "stale"
    check_command       no-backup-report

    notification_interval           0

    check_interval                     60
    retry_interval                     1
    max_check_attempts                 1

    # parallelize_check               1
    # is_volatile                     1
    # obsess_over_service             0


define command{
    command_name    no-backup-report
    command_line    /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_dummy 2 "CRITICAL: Results of backup job were not reported!"


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